Groupe R&D is recognized as a leader in the Fiber-Optic Telecommunications market.

Groupe R&D works in several fields of business :

• For almost 30 years with its subsidiary FOLAN, in France, as a designer and manufacturer of equipment and solutions for Data and Telecom infrastructure
• For 20 years, in France, as an installer of fiber-optic networks.
• For 15 years, in France, for real estate management.
• For nearly 10 years, in France, as a consulting and training firm in the field of network infrastructures.
• For the past 5 years, in Romania, as a production center for manufacturing optoelectronic components and multi-technical integrations.
• For the past 15 years, in Asia, with its production centers and holding company, R&D Group Asia is located in Hong Kong.

Groupe R&D is, therefore :

• A consolidated group of long-established experience and renown.
• A strong lending group with a turnover of €20 million for a hundred people in France.
• A solid group, with no debt and only one shareholder.
• A group that has already obtained the main international certifications, ISO 9001/14001/18001, and which adheres to the Global Compact framework and the International Labour Organisation, and which received a distinction this year for innovation.